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noun,   having the determination to achieve success and the persistence to see it through.

About Us

TPG Partners offers a wide range of consulting services for your business and technology needs focused on end to end supply chain including optimizing labor costs.


We have the necessary tools and expertise to help you transform your business and establish best practices around cost optimization, new business processes or your next transformation project.


We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, agile methods, superior quality techniques and scalable solutions.

TPG Partners has a 30-year legacy of partnering with clients to help them achieve and grow their business goals through package selection and implementation, integration services, program and project management, and strategic business consulting.  How do we do it?  We have extensive experience in retail, merchandising, logistics, supply chain and financial systems.  We have successfully implemented system integrations with over 100 organizations across Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail and CPG.  We take pride in the fact that most of our business is comprised of repeat customers; when executives move to other organizations, we are requested to come with them.

Serving the Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail and CPG industries with Strategic and Tactical Services to Enable Your Success

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TPG Partners Advantage

Many consulting partners bring technical acumen. Some focus on strategic planning. We are one of an extraordinary few that brings both. We achieve an unparalleled economy of scale to our clients by being both an implementer and a strategic partner.


Our Partnership Style

In a word, we believe in people. Our consultants listen, then lead by doing. We mentor, collaborate and communicate - forming a combined team of TPG Partners and client resources. In that way your people grow and learn - able to assume new responsibilities with new skills. We not only leave your business enriched, but your people too.


Focus on Success

Few efforts ever go precisely as planned. Most failed projects are doomed by changing conditions or unexpected results. At TPG Partners, we have mastered change management. We are prepared for change with a comprehensive methodology that flexes with it, adapts to it, and incorporates it into the eventual outcome.