Supply Chain Execution

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Supply Chain Execution

Supply Chain Execution

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are we where we need to be in the area of Supply Chain Management?


If you haven’t, you’re not alone. In 2014, a Tompkins Consortium survey delivered a startling finding; more than 50% of the respondents – business leaders all – considered the Supply Chain to be a standalone business operating function. In other words, a majority of those participating did not recognize the need for tight alignment between supply chain functionality and other business system strategies and processes.


At TPG Partners, we have a long history of both recognizing the fallacy of this position and offering a comprehensive business strategy for avoiding its effects. And those effects are severe. Its worthwhile noting two more metrics:


  • Only 8% of businesses with limited-capability Supply Chains report above average growth

  • Less than one quarter (22%) of all businesses take an active approach to Supply Chain network design


Navigating the Supply Chain in order to capture the underlying dynamics of it requires a deep understanding of the functionality it performs – along with the often subtle dependencies it has on surrounding business systems. Too often, C-Level executives describe Supply Chain as something that “just happens”, ignoring the intricate functional flow that it participates in, and in the process, failing to take advantage of its significant potential benefits.


Properly envisioned, the Supply Chain should be designed as an “horizontal enabler”, crossing the boundaries of the organization’s vertical business systems, ensuring that all are operating at the kind of peak efficiency needed for business success. In today’s competitive environment, this greatly enhances the prospects for long-term growth and sustainable continuous improvement. It helps provide for lean overheads and positive bottom-line outcomes.


TPG Partners can help make the invisible visible. We bring decades of global experience with hundreds of clients, helping to create a unique road map that will chart a course for your organization to achieve effective partnerships throughout the Supply Chain. We can bring best-practice guidelines and recommendations to you in areas of system solutions, manufacturing partners, logistics processes and cost-effective operations. In short, we’ll bring our team of Supply Chain experts to you, partnering with you to ensure that your Supply Chain provides all the benefits to your business that it should.


Be proactive; call us. We speak Supply Chain.

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