Retail Systems

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Retail Systems

Retail Systems

What is a retail system? On its face, such a simple question.


All manner of individual business systems come to mind – Point-of-Sale, Inventory, Order Fulfillment, Shipping and countless others. But many businesses don’t realize that a comprehensive retail model exists, an idealized map that represents a best-practice architecture of retail systems, developed over decades of experience as an optimum implementation. Think of it as a world-class reference point for evaluating and guiding the systems in your retail business. At TPG Partners, we not only know this model inside and out, we’ve helped mentor hundreds of clients as they’ve moved to reap its rewards.


The model is comprised of dozens of individual components. Whether your company operates on a scale that calls for a widespread implementation of these integrated systems, or just the fundamentals, it eventually comes down to implementation. TPG Partners is a company of technical gurus that have decades of experience rolling our sleeves up on these and other systems:


  • Migrating in-house systems to the Cloud (AWS, Azure, Oracle, and others)

  • Omni-channel extensions/enhancements

  • Point-of-Sale recommendations and implementation

  • Multi-system integration

  • Delivery

  • Financial

  • PCI consultation and compliance implementation

  • Inventory and Merchandising Systems

  • Machine Intelligence and AI-driven market management


If it were all simply about technical systems expertise, we’d still be a superlative resource. But a true consultant is more than a technical implementor or systems integrator – they’re there to advise as well as implement. And that’s where TPG Partners stands out. Our retail team is the perfect mix of functional business acumen and deep technical expertise. We’re there to evaluate, advise and collaborate. We help select, design, configure, integrate and customize where necessary. Unsure about moving to the Cloud? It’s an area we excel in. Wondering how to compete with Amazon? We have business intelligence expertise that can make a crucial difference in transforming yesterday’s business into today’s powerhouse.


Invite us to stop by to learn how we can help. We know Retail.

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