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Program /Project Management

Program / Project Management

Ask any CIO what gives way first when budget or time begins to pressure system projects and they’re likely to say Program or Project Management. After all, those efforts aren’t carrying out the actual work of system implementation or migration or operations or integration, right? But ask that same CIO, after a post-mortem of a failed program or project, where the failure occurred, and they’ll invariably point to a failure of leadership. You’ll hear things like “We didn’t control the project”, or “we failed to manage change”, or “we didn’t anticipate problems”, or “we failed to consider impact.” And all of these are a clear result of the failure of program or project management.


At TPG Partners, we’ve not only helped hundreds of clients achieve success through active management of programs and projects, we’ve invested those management paradigms within our clients’ corporate DNA, so that as future projects occur, they have the processes and techniques to manage them successfully. Percipient believes in leaving your people as enriched as we leave your systems.


Our Program and Project Management Practice rests on two fundamental pillars; Standard ExPert methodology and Organizational Change Management. These are best-practice foundations that include:


  • A PMO Standards-based Project methodology, allowing rapid deployment of techniques for implementing structure and governance

  • The DICE framework, to establish a sound and consistent quantitative assessment of your projects and programs

  • TPG Partners Scope Management, to help identify and maintain a laser-like focus on the core components of a project

  • Adaptive OCM, an iterative approach to governing the inevitability of change


But we’re more than a company of technical procedures and techniques; we bring big-picture thought leadership to the management of any level of program or project within your company. Moreover, our goal is to leave your organization with a renewed sense of vitality, excited about the new paradigms of management and governance that they’ve seen put into practice.


We believe we foster productive communication within your organization, instilling enthusiasm and a positive attitude about the benefits of Program and Project management. To us, this is an exciting domain.


Give us a call. Let us show you how to make it the same at your company.

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